The G100 Latin America is an internacional network exclusive to entrepreneurs, presidents and CEOs, based in the United States with a focus on Latin America;

G100 Latin America is available to 100 members (entrepreneurs, presidents and CEOs), and another 20 members (chief economists/latam experts) that are appointed, bringing together leaders through the recognized results in their careers, with respect to the development of society and its organizations;

Content alliances with universities with a Latin America program, plus a wide network of national strategic partners and internacional study centers aim through closed and restricted meetings, the debate among its members for the development and production of content that influence corporate decisions, open transfer of knowledge, and benchmarking and cooperation between its members.

Its activities and actions are absolutely low profile. G100 generates content without attributions to its members, ensuring freedom of expression in their meetings.


EXCLUSIVE international network of shareholders, presidents and CEOs.

Production and exchange of highly qualified CONTENT, oriented to the business concerns of our members.

LIMITADO and exclusive to 100 members based in the United States, with a focus on Latin America.


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